Monthly Archives: April 2015

Boys’ Toys

My middle child, Henry, is a 1950s throwback!  He loves traditional boy thing like trains, cowboys, pirates and knights.  My troublesome middle one loves nothing more than to dress up and take on a whole load of characters, with drawers full of “doots” (suits) and against my better judgement also an array of pretend weaponry…. Read more »

Made to Last

As you all probably know, I’m a sucker for a good, quality toy.  One which won’t break or snap or have bits that will tear or pieces that will come off and get lost.  When I look at a toy to buy for Tilda and Tom I source only the best from the most respected… Read more »

Magnetic World Map

Is geography fun? Well it ABSOLUTELY is when you’re 7, according to my oldest child, Charlie. When I was young one of my favourite things to do was to hunt through atlases looking at all the names of all the different countries.  I had a fabulous jigsaw puzzle which was beautifully decorated with images representing… Read more »