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Why You Are Missing School Tomorrow

LETTER TO MY CHILDREN “WHY YOU ARE MISSING SCHOOL TOMORROW” Dear Kids, Tomorrow, when all of your friends return to school after the Bank Holiday weekend, you will not be there.  As far as I know, you are the only children in your school who will be on “strike” tomorrow and I need you to understand… Read more »

Ability Grouping Destroys Children’s Potential

why you are missing school tomorrow

  BASELINE TESTING This September the UK government decided that my four year old school-starter should sit a standardised IT-based test which they promised would be an accurate and valid assessment of his academic ability. Sounds plausible?  Nope, not really, Mr Cameron.  But cheers for the heartache! There is so much that is wrong with… Read more »

Wooden Toys UK

Did you play with Wooden Toys when you were young?  I did and have some fab memories of my blocks! Sitting endlessly piling one on top of the other and laughing when they fell down, that was unless it was my sister who kicked it down. Why Wooden Toys UK? Wooden toys are thankfully gaining… Read more »

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE Part 2 – Little Pirate Fans!

As a mum of two sons, I know pirate toys always go down very well at all times of year and we certainly have many pirate toys, puzzles and games in our house.  Of course, little girls can also be pirate fans so Tilda and Tom’s large collection of pirate-themed toys can come in handy… Read more »


This is going to be the first of many gift guides I’m going to create in the run up to Christmas.  I think I’m going to enjoy compiling them! 🙂 First up is a guide for a baby girl of around 6 months, although these toys are all suitable from newborn.   1   I… Read more »

Farmyard Fun

I took a bit of a gamble when I decided to buy in a small range of hand-carved German wooden animals by Holztiger this month.  To date, I have seen most of my toys firsthand in French toy shops which is always better than a photograph as I’m able to feel the quality of the… Read more »

The 50/50 Christmas Challenge

Since starting Tilda and Tom back in February, I have accumulated dozens and dozens of toy catalogues from all over the world.  I have a lovely little set of suppliers at the moment, but I also have dozens more who I would eventually like to stock in my online store. These toy suppliers meet all the… Read more »

The Real Toy Network

Following on from my most recent blog, The Slow Toy Movement, (read at ), I have great pleasure in introducing the campaign arm of Tilda and Tom – The Real Toy Network. The Real Toy Network was born out of my observation that the toys marketed to parents as “educational” (think the plastic, beeping, button… Read more »

The Wonderful World of Slow Toys

  There’s a new train of thought chugging along in the toy industry at the moment and it’s one we at Tilda and Tom are very excited about!  It was started by a Frenchman called Thierry Bourret and it’s called the “Slow Toy Movement”. What is a slow toy? Basically, a slow toy is a… Read more »

Provence Holiday

This year, we decided to repeat one of our favourite family summer holidays and booked a lovely stay with Eurocamp in the Provence/Alpes Maritime/Cote d’Azur region of France. As you may have guessed already, France is my favourite country in the world to visit.  Everything you could possibly want in a holiday can be found… Read more »

Get my child out of your box!

I have a confession and it’s something I’m not particularly proud of. Last week I have allowed the government and their flawed education system to get the better of me and it has sent me a little bit mad.  How mad?  Well there’s been tears, a lot of tears.  There’s also been anger.  Anger at… Read more »

The Vilac Road Test

why you are missing school tomorrow

We had a very happy delivery yesterday at Tilda and Tom HQ!  Our very first Vilac order arrived from France. We like to “road-test” our new toys when they arrive as we wouldn’t want to sell anything we weren’t happy with.  As our customers know, we are committed to selling nothing but the best and… Read more »

Introducing Vilac

Towards the end of this week we should be welcoming our SIXTH brand – Vilac – to Tilda and Tom’s collection of high quality toys. Why Vilac? Vilac was one of the brands I remember seeing in all the beautiful toy boutiques of France, as well as in their finest department stores.  Here is a photo… Read more »

20 Life Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids

Dear Kids I already teach you these “lessons” every time you get upset with each other, or with us, or with your friends at school.  I also teach you them when you’re upset with yourselves.  You’re all still little at the moment, but I hope one day all three of you will reach the stage… Read more »

France Road Trip

THE GREY FAMILY ROAD TRIP DAY ONE We started our journey first thing on Saturday morning and, as is customary for the Grey family when we set off on holiday, we hunted down an all you can eat breakfast!  Experience has taught us that a Beefeater is the way to go where breakfasts are concerned,… Read more »

Why I have thrown the milestone charts in the bin!

This is an update of a blog I wrote back in October of last year. The journey to age four with Henry has been much more difficult than it was with our eldest child.  Right from the start it seemed like my beautiful, golden-haired littlest boy knew precisely what he wanted and he wasn’t going… Read more »