Our Brands

Moulin Roty

The Moulin Roty brand started life in 1972, in an old mill (moulin) outside of Paris. A group of 20 or so friends searched for a project that would provide work and a desirable lifestyle. The mill was renovated to provide accommodation for their families and they all lived together as a commune.

Today, Moulin Roty retains an avant-garde appeal with stylish ranges of baby toys, clothing and nursery decorations. All of their products are designed in France using French textiles, fabrics and patterns. Moulin Roty’s delightful collection of charming toys capture both the traditional and the ultra-quirky modern.

With more than 800 Moulin Roty products to choose from, Tilda and Tom have hand selected several lines with a view to add more throughout our first year of trading. Moulin Roty was the first of Tilda and Tom brands and it started tehm on their adventure into the world of outstanding European toys and you will always find this brand at the heart of our business.

Oskar Ellen

Oskar & Ellen provides an innovative and fun range of soft fabric toys aimed at encouraging a child’s imagination through role play. The company is based in Sweden and the brand is renowned for high quality products, individually made with unrivalled attention to detail. If you are a looking for a present with that extra special touch, then you won’t be disappointed with an Oskar & Ellen gift. All of their toys come with their own reusable mesh bag with cute fabric edging – perfect for travel.

The founder of Oskar & Ellen, Petra Jinglov, got the idea to develop fabric toys following many long haul flights with her children. She couldn’t find any toys that were educational, soft, quiet and easy to carry, so she got to work designing her own and Oskar & Ellen was born.

With manufacturing links in the Phillippines, all Oskar & Ellen toys are handmade and stitched with unbelievable attention to details. Whether it be an educational soft book, doll play set bag or one of their famous hand sewn play food toys, Oskar & Ellen’s beautiful products are guaranteed to impress!


Janod is a well respected French brand and the oldest of Tilda and Tom’s current affiliates. Created over 40 years ago in the northern Jura mountains by founder Louis Janod, they use environmentally friendly, natural and ecological materials to manufacture their wooden toys which all have a very modern, up-to-date feel. Their products are the epitome of tradition and expert craftsmanship.

With a huge catalogue of thousands of high-quality toys, Janod is a leader in the production of wooden toddler toys, jigsaw puzzles, learning toys, magnetic games, playsets, rocking horses, balance bikes and so much more.

Their hallmark is solid, durable wood coupled with great detail and finish.


Londji is based in the stylish city of Barcelona in Catalonian Spain. Beginning life ten years ago as a project concentrated initiated with an emphasis on art, the company’s full focus was on traditional toys and games and how to combine them with cutting edge design. Londji continues to grow thanks to a team skilled with the following: enthusiasm, imagination and innovation.

Tilda and Tom import a few select Londji products direct from Spain and are one of just a handful of suppliers to stock Londji in the UK. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the quality and uniqueness of a Londji toy, puzzle or game.

Londji’s motto is “original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old”

Franck Fischer

Introduced by Tilda and Tom in March 2015, Franck & Fischer is a Danish brand famous for their gorgeous baby toys, nursery decorations and soft furnishings. Franck & Fischer are particularly renowned for their 100% Certified Organic Cotton products.

Danish design is synonymous with uniqueness, pure style and high quality and Franck & Fischer’s products are no exception. Each Franck & Fischer product is carefully manufactured with a lot of focus placed upon the details to ensure functionality and playability go hand in hand with design.

We like that this company takes the environment seriously and most of Franck & Fischer’s toys and textiles are made of GOTS certified cotton. All fabrics are printed or dyed without chemicals and all wooden products are made of plantation wood or MDF1 which means no chemicals in the glue.

Tilda and Tom stock a small selection of Franck & Fischer’s organic baby toys.

aa VIL

Vilac has been making traditional wooden children’s toys for over 100 years! Starting life in Grenoble near the Jura Mountains of France, Vilac relies on expert craftsmanship as well as great design and artistry. The first Vilac toys were carved from the wood of beech trees in 1911 and to this day the company still manufactures part of their range in the Jura region. Vilac is a historic company with a very special place in the hearts of French people.

Vilac has a very special “look” which is recognised throughout Europe. Aside from their gorgeous solid wood “made to last” manufacturing, they are famous for bold primary colours and attractive, multi-coloured packaging. Without a doubt, Vilac is the quintessential Tilda and Tom toy!

Arriving at Tilda and Tom in June 2015, our Vilac range includes great learning toys for toddlers through to pre-school, as well as puzzles, toddler toys and classic cars – Vilac’s best known products. The company also uses well known artists as designers for their toys, as well as beloved characters such as Oui-Oui (Noddy to us in the UK!), Babar the elephant, Hello Kitty, Elmer the patchwork elephant and the very retro and very French Barbapapa.
aa HHOHappy Horse is a delightful designer brand from the Netherlands. Founded in the 1960s, Happy Horse’s varied collection of super fluffy soft toys, plush pets, teddy bears and baby goods.

The toy brand has a gorgeous mixture of soft toy lines including everything from bright and vibrant modern cuddlies to soft and fluffy animal baby gifts which are perfect presents for a new baby. There are cuddly rattles and the charmingly termed “tuttles” which the Dutch call comforters. With a view to providing much-loved plush pets for all ages, Happy Horse also have a variety of sizes available from tiny toys for a baby, to giant teddy bears for an older child!

Tilda and Tom introduced Happy Horse to their extensive catalogue of luxury brands in August 2015, with a small initial collection.

aa DJE
Paris-based brand,
Djeco, is a world leader in high-end children’s goods. Djeco was founded in the early 1950s and is driven by design. Unrivaled in style and ingenuity, Djeco’s mission is to bring high-design and quality to the world of children’s toys, children’s crafts and children’s decor. Djeco products stand out due to their strong graphic design and production quality, whilst maintaining a childlike uniqueness.

Although founded in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Djeco begun to diversify from traditional learning games such as lotto and memo, to innovative puzzles and wooden toys. In 2004 Little Big Room brought style and innovation to the world of children’s rooms and in 2006, our personal favourite, Djeco by Design was born. This branch of the company produces art and design sets which are guaranteed to result in a piece of work which can be proudly hung and displayed. These design sets stand head and shoulders above any of the mass market kits today and we are certain that all of our customers will agree that there truly is nothing like Djeco on the high street.

Tilda and Tom earned a coveted place as one of Djeco’s suppliers in July 2015, with new products arriving in August. Djeco chooses to give exclusivity to just a select few online boutiques in each country who they feel reflect their image and values. As you can imagine, we are very pleased to be able to promote and sell this outstanding brand.