ABC Animal Game


The ABC Animal Game is a fun, first game for children.  Housed in a fun, brightly coloured box, the ABC Animal game would make a perfect gift for a toddler.

The ABC Animal Game features 52 cards which will help develop your child’s literacy skills, as well as giving them an understanding of a foreign language.  Half of the cards feature animal images with the name of the animal in two languages – English and French.  The other half of the cards feature a letter of the alphabet.  All you have to do is match them up!

Vilac has been making traditional wooden children’s toys for over 100 years!  Starting life in Grenoble near the Jura Mountains of France, Vilac relies on expert craftsmanship as well as great design and artistry.  The first Vilac toys was carved from the wood of beech trees in 1911 and to this day the company still manufactures in the Jura region.  Vilac is a historic company with a very special place in the hearts of French people.

Vilac has a very special “look” which is recognised throughout Europe.  Aside from their gorgeous solid wood “made to last” manufacturing, they are famous for bold primary colours and attractive, multi-coloured packaging.  Without a doubt, Vilac is the quintessential Tilda and Tom toy!

Our Vilac ranges include great learning toys for toddlers through to pre-school, as well as puzzles, toddler toys and classic cars – Vilac’s best known products.  The company also uses well known artists as designers for their toys, as well as beloved characters such as Oui-Oui (Noddy to us!), Babar the elephant, Elmer the patchwork elephant, Barbapapa and Hello Kitty.

Designed in France by Vilac
Made from wood
Includes 52 pieces
Approx. length 20 cm (box)
Recommended Age 4 +

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