Plum Butterfly Necklace


The Plum Butterfly Necklace is a beautiful boxed piece of costume jewellery which little girls will love playing dress-up with.

Manufactured by leading art and design brand, Djeco, the Plum Butterfly Necklace can be used for both dressing-up play or for general wear at parties and for special occasions.


Paris-based brand, Djeco, is a world leader in high-end children’s goods. Djeco was founded in the early 1950s and is driven by design. Unrivaled in style and ingenuity, Djeco’s mission is to bring high-design and quality to the world of children’s toys, children’s crafts and children’s decor. Djeco products stand out due to their strong graphic design and production quality, whilst maintaining a childlike uniqueness.

Although founded in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Djeco begun to diversify from traditional learning games such as lotto and memo, to innovative puzzles and wooden toys. In 2004 Little Big Room brought style and innovation to the world of children’s rooms and in 2006, our personal favourite, Djeco by Design was born. This branch of the company produces art and design sets which are guaranteed to result in a piece of work which can be proudly hung and displayed. These design sets stand head and shoulders above any of the mass market kits today and we are certain that all of our customers will agree that there truly is nothing like Djeco on the high street.

Tilda and Tom earned a coveted place as one of Djeco’s suppliers in July 2015, with new products arriving in August. Djeco chooses to give exclusivity to just a select few online boutiques in each country who they feel reflect their image and values. As you can imagine, we are very pleased to be able to promote and sell this outstanding brand.


Designed in France by Djeco
Includes necklace
Approx. length 11 cm (box)
Recommended for Age 4 +

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