The Vilac Road Test

We had a very happy delivery yesterday at Tilda and Tom HQ!  Our very first Vilac order arrived from France.

We like to “road-test” our new toys when they arrive as we wouldn’t want to sell anything we weren’t happy with.  As our customers know, we are committed to selling nothing but the best and all of our toys must receive our seal of approval before they are shipped out!

So with so many new toys to choose from I left it up to Henry (4) and Mathilde (2) to choose something they wanted to play with … and here’s what they picked!

Magnetic Farm Animals!

6122 - A3 - HD

6122 - B1 - HD
This is such a fun toy!  Included in the game is 12 wooden shaped blocks which are painted in bright, fun primary colours, which is common to all Vilac toy designs.  There are four animals in total, each made up of three blocks: Donkey (yellow); Cow (blue); Pig (green) and Goat (red).  Mathilde was very keen to make up the correct animals whereas Henry was much more interested in making up his own creations!  We had everything from a two-headed cow/pig creature to a very very very long sausage-donkey! 🙂

Henry went off to nursery this morning and Mathilde was eager to get the toy out to play with again.  It was even more fun than yesterday because she didn’t have to share.

So we’re very happy to say that Vilac absolutely lives up to the high standards expected from a Tilda and Tom toy.  The Magnetic Farm Animals toy is very robust, made from solid wood and painted beautifully.  The design is very appealing to young children.  Not only is Magnetic Farm Animals fun, but it’s also educational as children learn about magnets (the positive/negative sides of the blocks won’t fit together forcing the child to think and turn the piece around) and also promotes hand/eye co-ordination and colour knowledge.

Magnetic Animals can be found here:   It is recommended for age 24 months + and it costs £18.00 plus P&P.  Also available at Tilda and Tom is the Magnetic Cars game also by Vilac.  

6173 - A1 - HDWe hope you find the time to check out all of our lovely new toys.  We’re really loving Vilac at the moment and hope to invest in lots of new lines.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that our Vilac toys tick all the right Tilda and Tom boxes, most notably; high-quality “made to last” durability and unique, stylish design!