Wooden Toys UK

Did you play with Wooden Toys when you were young?  I did and have some fab memories of my blocks! Sitting endlessly piling one on top of the other and laughing when they fell down, that was unless it was my sister who kicked it down.

Why Wooden Toys UK?

Wooden toys are thankfully gaining popularity again here in the UK. We are moving away from that nasty, un-recyclable plastic and heading back to natural products.

Wooden Toys UK - Djeco Emile And Olive Sandwich DeliThe style of wooden toy in the UK has progressed from the simple blocks and pull along trains to quite amazing toys now.

This is one of my favourite products, Mathilde absolutely loves it – and has learned not to take a bite anymore!

I think this is a super toy for children interested in shops and food (what child isn’t?).

The Emile and Olive Sandwich Deli includes two bread rolls and several wooden pieces of play food for children to create their lovely sandwiches.


Also included is a menu and recipe for children to follow a less messy way to get your kids interested in cooking.

Your favourite Wooden Toys in the UK

We are always looking to source new fantastic toys here in the UK for you.  Have you come across a toy you particularly loved – if so, we’d love to hear about it.  You can email us at hello@tildaandtom.co.uk or feel free to come and chat with us on our Facebook Page  You can find other fab Wooden Toys on our website, particularly in the PLAY section.